Bonds Insurance Coverage

When your company enters into a contract, you have every intention of fulfilling that contract. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, that contract can’t be fulfilled. That’s where bonds insurance comes in.

What is bonds insurance? This coverage guarantees that a client will receive compensation if your company defaults on an agreement. That way, if you’re unable to complete the work, the client isn’t left facing a financial loss. Many contractors advertise themselves as “licensed, bonded, and insured” — the “bonded” refers to bonding insurance.

What It Covers

Bonding insurance offers your clients a sense of security, as it financially protects them against a number of issues. This insurance also means that a dissatisfied client can file a claim against your bond instead of against you directly. Bond insurance covers a number of situations:

  • Your company starts performing work but does not complete it
  • A client disputes the quality of your work
  • A client claims you have committed fraud
  • You fail to pay a subcontractor

Custom Solutions

Our Bonds Insurance Approach

End your search for bond insurance in San Diego by turning to our Hoffman Hanono team. We're here to advise and partner with you to ensure you get the right coverage for your Chula Vista or Southern California-area business. We specialize in finding insurance solutions meant entirely for you—because we know that insurance is not "one-size-fits-all." We provide quality service and resources that will help you secure better insurance premiums in the long run. Our commitment has made us a pillar of the San Diego insurance community since 1959.

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50+ Years Experience

50+ Years Experience

Serving San Diego since 1959. We’re still family-owned and customer-focused.

All Lines of Insurance

All Lines of Insurance

We provide you with the most comprehensive coverage at a competitive cost.

Quality Service

Quality Service

We are dedicated to bringing you reliable and top-notch customer service.

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I have been with Hoffman and Hanono for over 20 years and have always appreciated the professional service I receive from the entire staff. They are always courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs either personal or commercial insurance.
Maty Adato | WL Investments

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The story of our commercial insurance company starts with founder Jerry Hoffman, who aimed to offer cost-effective insurance solutions, superior customer service, and ultimately, peace of mind. Since then, the company has been passed down generations without losing our founder’s commitment.

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