Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance: What Is It and What Does It Cover?

Hoffman Hanono
June 20, 2023

The right insurance coverage is essential if you run a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) business. Specifically, you need non-emergency medical transport insurance to cover your company vehicles.

But what is non-emergency medical transport insurance, and what does it cover? Read on to learn what to expect from a NEMT policy.

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance?

Non-emergency medical transport insurance is a commercial insurance policy for businesses transporting patients to and from medical appointments.

Unlike other types of transportation providers, NEMT businesses are compensated not by the patient but by the insurance provider or Medicaid. And because passengers typically require medical assistance, the vehicles used in transport contain additional equipment such as wheelchair lifts and other accessibility features.

In most states, a NEMT insurance policy is mandatory, and business owners who hire employees are federally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance at least.

What Does Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance Cover?

NEMT insurance provides coverage that keeps your vehicle and passengers safe and protects your drivers and company from liability in an accident. What does non-emergency medical transport insurance cover? Here’s what to expect.

General Liability

General liability insurance covers any damage to your property or injuries to your passengers/customers due to your services. For NEMT businesses, insurance providers commonly offer additional coverage for legal issues such as allegations of abuse, neglect, or misconduct.

Commercial Auto Liability

Any transportation business will require some commercial auto liability coverage. This protects you in an accident where your company is at fault. Commercial auto liability coverage includes the cost of property damage and any physical injuries sustained by either party involved in the accident.

Workers’ Compensation

Like any business, you’ll need workers’ compensation coverage for any drivers or employees you hire. Your workers may be at greater risk of injury due to the physical requirements of assisting passengers. NEMT business owners will therefore need a policy that covers these types of common injuries and protects workers from harm.

Assault and Battery Liability

Transportation business owners can also rely on assault and battery liability coverage. This policy protects you from liability if a customer is assaulted while waiting for the driver to arrive. This policy may also protect you from legal liability if the afflicted party claims the assault is due to a driver failing to arrive on time.

Hired and Non-Owned Liability

Do you own your commercial vehicles? If not, your NEMT business can benefit from hired and non-owned liability coverage. This protects you from any liability expenses due to accidents involving either rented vehicles or vehicles owned by employees.

The Right Product for the Right Business

Hoffman Hanono Insurance is committed to providing the insurance you need at a price that fits your budget. We serve individuals and business owners and offer a robust selection of insurance products. If you operate a non-emergency transport service, contact Hoffman Hanono today to explore policy options that protect you, your business and employees.